Redang Pelangi Resort

  • Redang Pelangi Resort

    Redang Pelangi Resort – The Perfect Island Getaway

    Redang Pelangi Resort has been rated the perfect island getaway.

    The natural beauty of the island stretching to Redang Pelangi Resort is like no other. Whether you choose to have long walks along its crystalline white sandy beaches or go snorkeling around beautiful reefs, it is breathtaking. From the looks around, it is a wonder that something this beautiful still exists. A good stretch of white sandy beach of Pasir Panjang makes the resort such a threat to the sun lovers. With the turquoise blue waters and distant reefs, they have got a package for every guest.

    Being the first resort to provide full board packages since the 90’s, Redang Pelangi Resort offers such great value for your money. Accommodation reasonably priced and sumptuous buffet meals make a combination difficult to resist.

    The structures in Redang Pelangi Resort are mainly timber-based thus complementing a nature friendly surroundings. It is merely easy to forget about city life and just enjoy the stay.

    A friendly and quick customer service is the norm in the resort to ensure an enjoyable stay in the island. Starting from the reservation until check out, all needs are made sure to be completely taken cared of like the comfort of your own home.

    The resort has been around for 20 years. It opened with only 8 rooms on 4 chalets but now grew to 46 rooms. It may not be included in the 5-star category hotel list but with its amenities, cozy environment and helpful staff, there is no doubt that the resort is at par to comfortable accommodation standards.

    Snorkeling trips are available and there are equipments for rent. Do not forget to put on life jackets especially if you do not know how to swim. If you know how to, it is still advisable to wear one as the undrewater current can be unpredictable.

    Redang Pelangi Resort has been in the news, TV programs and magazines. Several organizers have also the resort considered a venue for their gatherings. Since the resort has been in the spotlight for years, its reviews have earned a good number of visitors who loved their stay and guests who are enquiring and looking forward to experience the island themsleves.