Check Isa

  • Check Isa (Mini Mount)

    Check Isa (Mini Mount)

    Check Isa is actually a sunken reef that started from 8m deep and even highlights two extensive big chunks of rock carpeted with plenty of varieties of sponges, soft corals as well as stinging hydroids dispersed all over up to the point it reaches the sandy bottom at around 20m.

    Colorful Christmas tree worms can often be stumbled upon here at Artificial Reef together with spider shells, cowries, parrotfish, angelfish, groupers, wrasses and various other reef inhabitants. Be cautious about well-camouflaged devil scorpionfish ensconced on the sandy bottom.

    Night diving could be a gratifying encounter with quite a few nocturnal sea creatures like eels, crabs, squids, urchins and spiny lobsters.

    Dive level: Open water Diver and beyond
    Depth: 8 meters to 20 meters
    Current: Weak
    Visibility: 10 meters to 30 meters
    Getting there: By boat for 20 minutes
    Best time to dive: April/September