Pulau Kerengga

  • Pulau Kerengga

    Pulau Kerengga

    The Pulau Kerengga is an island with a pattern of rocky protrusion. These natural landscapes have captivated a lot of tourist and visitors to see the beautiful works of nature. The Pulau Kerengga is located southeast of Redang Island. The island can be reached by in 10 to 15 minutes boat ride from Pasir Panjang. A lot of people have been attracted to the natural beauty of the site coupled with the perfect weather around the area.

    Dive site info

    Diving is the most popular activity in the island. Perfect creation of corals in the deep waters has been continuously fascinating divers from everywhere. The water depth of the island is just right for underwater activities. In the waters of Pulau Kerengga, diving may go just 15 meters depth. With this kind of depth, under water exploration proved to be completely amazing. You will see the true beauty of nature plus the corals that were said to be already a century old. Divers just agree that everything in this site is truly stunning work of nature.

    The temperature of the water ranges from 31 degrees to 34 degrees Celsius. Breeze and water temperature are just right for diving.

    You will see different kinds of coral species in the waters of Pulau Kerengga. However sea anemones and rare species of clownfish are vying for the most astonishing find award in this site.

    Packages and Rates

    The long beach of Pulau Redang is called Pasir Panjang where a number of resorts can be found. However, this is not for those who wants to have quiet nights and privacy. For privacy consideration, Berjaya Resort could be the option. There is a long stretch of beach which very ideal for that purpose. The resort has a standard 3D and 2D packages. This package includes round trip transfer from and to mainland, meals, accommodation and snorkeling. The snorkeling equipment rental is from RM 10 to 50 per day while marine park fee is RM 5 for adults and 2.50 RM for kids.


    Ayu Mayang Beach Resort is one of the popular accommodations around this area. The room accommodation with breakfast ranges from 293 RM to 398 RM. In Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, which is a 4 star resort, accommodation rates are from 481 to 2087 RM.