Pulau Lima

  • Pulau Lima

    Pulau Lima

    A study conducted in 1976 discovered Pulau Lima along with its accompanying coastal mountains. It is likely the most important entity throughout the marine park of Redang as the reefs across this islet exhibits the underwater environment discovered in other sites in Redang. This is, therefore a miniature image of the entire marine park environment.

    One of the most well-known site is “Big Mount” around the north as well as garden of black corals through the west featuring its huge grounds of anemone along with other corals.

    Pulau Lima South

    South end boasts of huge boulders surrounded with sea anemones and other invertebrates and few reef fishes hiding amidst soft and hard corals. East side, meanwhile, parades high walls emblazoned with corals going down to roughly 13 meters ahead then slowly sloping depth down to 30 meters. Whips as well as sea fans can be seen about the more cavernous bottoms. Aside from the typical reef fishes, watch out for moray eels, puffer fish, lionfish and black tip reef sharks.

    Pulau Lima North

    Known as “Big Mount”, situated approximately 50-100 meters coming around the northern end of Pulau Lima, is belived to be the most suitable among all the dive sites at Pulau Lima and is most likely one of the deepest site still dropping to around 35 meters.

    Big Mount is highly rated by resident divers as it offers a wide array of pelagic including barracudas, black-tip sharks, tuna, groupers and a remarkable experience of whale shark sightings. Commencing at roughly 20m, the rock ground falls away to roughly 30 meters yet is brimming with several types of soft and hard corals, sea anemones, whip coral gardens and gorgonian fans.