Pulau Ling & Batu Chipor

  • Pulau Ling & Batu Chipor

    Pulau Ling & Batu Chipor

    Pulau Ling is a little rocky overhang that has no beach, was previously a well known dive site in Redang having 2 huge coral heads that looks like a mushroom, considered to be on the list of biggest coral formations within the eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia. Approximated to be more than 100 years old, the bigger head gauges 24.5 m as the tinier head gauges 23.2 m at their bottom circumference. These could be traveled around at moderately shallow depths of about 10-20 m. Caverns discovered at the bottoms of these 2 heads are house to Moorish idols, cardinal fish, angelfishes as the outcroppings of such caverns are emblazoned with gleaming tangerine daisy corals.

    Batu Chipor, the northern part of Pulau Ling is noted with buoy roughly 20 meters from the small rocky outcrop merely uncovered all through high tide. Even though a relatively shallow dive to approximately 8 to 15 meters, the sea across it could be uneven with waves and currents and is particularly more desirable for expert divers. The rock-strewn wall is roofed with leather corals, soft tree corals and fans, as the sandy bottom is roofed primarily with lettuce, boulder corals as well as hard staghorn.

    Consequently, these dive sites are less often visited by divers as these areas are where a number of boats are commonly passing by.

    Depth: 10 to 20 meters
    Visibility: 10 to 25 meters
    Current: Occasional
    Getting There: Boat 20 minutes
    Best time to visit: April/September