Tanjung Tokong

  • Tanjung Tokong

    Tanjung Tokong

    Positioned just approximately from Turtle Bay, this dive site is popular for discovering Hawksbill and Green turtles. Aside from the turtles, there are lots of different types of reef fish at this point across the sunken boulders. Currents could be stronger and most of these frequently bring the greater feeders including trevally and jacks.

    The sea at Tanjung Tokong could possibly get abrasive from time to time however divers will probably be compensated along with the diverseness of fishes along with other marine life encountered ere, which includes snappers, fusiliers, jacks, flatworms, nudibranch, napoleon wrasse, and also the spontaneous shark.

    A lot of boulders are engrossed with sea fan and soft corals. As soon as sea conditions are laid back, you possibly can snorkel from the site all the way up to Turtle Bay at which there are chances to see turtles.

    Level: Advanced Diver and Beyond
    Depth: 10m-30m
    Current: Strong