Terumbu Kili

  • Terumbu Kili (South Point)

    Terumbu Kili (South Point)

    Terumbu Kili or most commonly called as South Point is a rock-strewn overhang which shows up on top of water and tilts down towards a sandy bottom at roughly 20 meters in interesting depth, can be found along the southern end of Pulau Piang in fact it is just among the many top dive destinations at Redang Islands.

    Watch out for the strong waves and currents within the channel splitting up this overhang from Pulau Pinang. Because of the strong waves and currents, South Point is the most suitable left to more expert divers. Individuals who dive right in could possibly be compensated with seeing of spontaneous snappers, blacktip sharks, jellyfish, yellowtail, fusiliers, and schools of barracudas. A coral garden of whips and fans, soft coral, and leather corals live on a few ledges around the slope façade. Hawksbill turtle are typically stumbled upon on this site as well.

    Level: Advanced diver and beyond
    Depth: 5 meters to 20 meters
    Current: Calm