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    Tunnel Point

    Redang is a group of island which is located 25 kilometers east of South China Sea from Terengganu. The Terengganu is located at the north eastern state of Peninsular in the country of Malaysia. The place is known for its beauty but the islands have the most beautiful coral reefs that have attracted thousands of divers.

    Redang have different sites for diving and other recreational diving. One of the most popular diving sites of the island is Tunnel Point. At the north part of Redang there are three popular diving sites at the north dive site which Tunnel point is located. However, Tunnel point is one of the popular with its amazing landscape that was made by nature. From its name you will already have an idea how the dive site looks like. It is a pile of boulder rock that creates somehow a tunnel like structure which divers can swim all the way through. It serves as the sanctuary and safe haven for some fishes from the predators. The depth of Tunnel point is approximately 30 meters which is not so deep for diving. The corals of Tunnel point is consider the healthiest in Redang. The stunning works of nature can be seen in Tunnel point. There are many fans, hard and soft corals which add to the beauty of the tunnel.

    Dive Site Info

    The Tunnel Point is a perfect for underwater adventure. With its structure, the combination of hard and soft coral reefs and other marine species and fish it is a beautiful under water scenery for divers to see. It is perhaps the most abundant in marine among the entire dive sites in Redang Malaysia. It is because it is located away from the resorts where there are many people and it is also close the protected beach. The depth is just perfect for diving which is approximately 30 meters. It is not too deep for diving. Since the country of Malaysia is a tropical country the temperature is great for diving which is from 30 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius.

    Packages and Rates

    There are many packages that you can choose from in diving at Tunnel point. During the weekend package with the rate of 370 dollars you will have a wonderful weekend. With this amount you already have the round trip sea and land transportation, you will also have 2 nights full accommodation at the island; you will have 5 meals, 5 boat dives and with full diving equipment.


    A Resort that is just near this dive site is Ayung Mayang Resort. It is located at Pulau Redang which is located at South China Sea. This is at the north east shoreline of Peninsular Malaysia. It is the newest resort that is established in Pulau Redang. The rooms of the resort is overlooking of the crystal blue waters of the sea. The rooms are air-conditioned, bathrooms and hot shower.


    The resort has a restaurant named Seri Mayang Restaurant. This restaurant offers a wide selection of cuisines and it is situated to the stunning view of the sea and you will feel the gentle caresses of the soothing sea breeze.

    They also have a Bubbles Bar and Ed’s Beach Bar. These bars are perfect place to relax and unwind, meet new friends and enjoy the party.